Our RFID convertion machine able to inspect and embedded only good RFID tags from the inlay reel onto the liner in the RFID conversion process. Any rejected RFID tag will be reeled up instead of dispensing onto the liner. Some highlights of the machine features:
  • The machine is highly flexible catering to different sizes of labels and RFID tags, according to customer requirements;
  • Output of the machine is 100 labels per minute;
  • The RFID tag can be embedded in different locations on the label depending on the customer requirement with the positioning accuracy of 1mm in the feed direction; 1mm across the feed direction and angularity 1.5C;
  • The operation of the machine is independent from the machines in the down stream operations, it has a buffer station that can cater up to 800mm of completed web. This enables ease of interfacing this machine into existing production line.
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