AEROPRINT and the Airline Industry

AEROPRINT (E&A) LTD is a Hong Kong based company, and has been a dedicated supplier to the airline industry for over 10 years and boasts a heritage of highest quality IATA standard documents. The airline industry is noted for its efficiency throughout the world. And throughout this industry, Aeroprint commands similar respect and has supplied the airline industry with the means to do business - promptly, efficiently and securely.

We are currently supplying of the application of airline tickets, the provision of secure administrative document, such as Waybills, MCOs and Excess Baggage Tickets, is one example. And the supply of many different types of ancillary documents, such as RFID Thermal Baggage Tags, Thermal Baggage Tags, Thermal Ticket Wallets and Boarding Passes, is another.

In an industry constantly striving to improve its service to travelers, Aeroprint works hand in hand with IATA and its customers all over the world. This close association with markets, coupled with an understanding of the technologies involved, it enables us to advise airlines of recent and forthcoming IATA specification changes. This ensures that all our customers meet the necessary requirements.

Working with AEROPRINT (E&A) LTD gives you the peace of mind of tickets which are always:
  • securely and accurately printed
  • delivered on time, every time
  • 100% realiable in processing
All of which adds up to:
  • a smooth-running operation for you
  • the satisfaction of easy procedures and on-time departures for your customers
  • hassle-free support and efficiency for your staff

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